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Training, Consultancy or Subcontract

Most of our work is facilitating your mapping project on a consultancy basis.

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Our role is to ensure the mapping is thorough and all voices are heard.

A successful project team is typically 6 to 10 people with representatives from all areas of the processes and levels within the business such that the team knows the current process inside out between them and has the authority to make decisions.

Mapping services

Our Mapping services can get you to one of two places :

1. The output from a mapping project is a prioritised To-Do list of actions & projects; you may decide to take on the project from there.
2. Beyond the mapping phase the To-Do list may lead to a number of Lean projects. We can work on these with you to implement the solutions and embed Lean tools within your organisation.

Mapping services – Lean Lines UK
We also offer Training & Consultancy
Pragmatic & down to earth.
If your need is to learn how to map we can impart our knowledge and approach with you through hands on training. If you run a consultancy and need to bring in our mapping services then we can work with you on a subcontract basis.
Mapping services – Lean Lines UK

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