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Value Stream Mapping

Value stream mapping is the classic tool for creating a visual representation of flow, work in progress & bottle necks.

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On the shop floor we can easily look at data which aids our diagnosis.

Whether you want to create a value stream map of your shop floor or swim lane map your office processes it all starts with brown paper & post-it notes.

Swim Lane mapping

Mapping isn’t just about solving problems.

Swim Lane mapping is used to map people (transactional) processes such as Sales, Finance or as you can see from our previous projects section almost any process which involves people. It’s referred to as swim lane mapping because the activities of each department/function stays in a marked lane – just like lane swimming in a pool!

Swim Lane Mapping – Lean Lines UK
Mapping office processes – Lean Lines UK

Mapping office processes

Producing a vision of the future state.

Mapping office processes is more subtle as hard data is more challenging to collect and the opportunities for improvement are hidden behind issues and problems. With a multi disciplinary mapping team we can capture these issues & problems as part of a current state map.

Achieving your Future State
We shouldn’t get hung up on creating a master piece to hang in the Tate.
In all cases we will create a Current State (sometimes called ASIS) and a Future State (sometimes called TOBE) with an action plan of how to get there achieve the Future State. Mapping is a tool for the team to understand the issues, problems and get to a solution.
The faster we can facilitate the process the sooner we can start solving the problems & implementing your future state.
Mapping office processes – Lean Lines UK

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